Bloomstar 2020 Floral Trends

Elegance and Luxury are at the heart of the styles in 2020, alongside these darker muted tones expect to find the light side in tone-on-tone combinations. This collection invites the playful side forward in anyone!

Bloomstar Opens New Montreal Facility

Bloomstar continues to grow with the opening of its Montreal facility‚Äč. With our new 43,000 square foot facility at 6590 Rue Abrams in Saint-Laurent, Quebec we are now better equipped to better serve our clients expanding needs.

Toronto Office Expansion

We are aware that we are starting to sound like a broken record but… Bloomstar continues to grow! We’ve upgraded our Toronto office to a new 93,000 square foot facility to keep up with growing demands.

Elite Flowers Acquires Bloomstar

Founded in 1991 by industry pioneer Peter Hannaford, The Elite Flower has grown from a small rose farm in Colombia to nearly 700 hectares spanning the world. 25 years later Elite still remains the largest privately owned flower farm in Colombia.

Bloomstar Acquires Ecuador Farms

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Bloomstar Opens offices in Toronto and Vancouver

Bloomstar is growing. We are happy to announce that we are further expanding to both the east and west coasts of Canada to provide service nationwide! Our two new facilities will be located in both Vancouver and Toronto.